Social robots featured at the UN Artificial Intelligence Summit

Eight humanoid robots are set to be the star attractions when the United Nations (UN) hosts its first summit since the start of the pandemic on the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Through the AI for Good Global Summit, held in Geneva on July 6 and 7, the UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) aims to showcase how artificial intelligence and other new technologies can help reach the UN’s so-called sustainable development goals (SDGs), including boosting humanitarian action.

“It’s in our collective interest that we can shape AI faster than it is shaping us,” the ITU’s new chief Doreen Bogdan-Martin said in a statement.

“This summit, as the UN’s primary platform for AI, will bring to the table leading voices representing a diversity of interests to ensure that AI can be a powerful catalyst for progress in our race to rescue the SDGs,” she added.
This summit will bring together 8 humanoid social robots and more than 20 specialised robots under the same roof for the first time.

The humanoid robots — Beonmi, Nadine, Sophia, Geminoid, 4NE-1, Ai-Da Robot, Grace and Desdemona — will showcase capabilities ranging from fighting fires and delivering aid to providing healthcare and farming sustainably.

Hundreds are expected to participate in the summit, which will return to Geneva for the first time since 2019, after a three-year Covid-imposed break.

Al Jundi

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