Saudi Arabia launches AI Ethics Principles

In mid-September, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched the Artificial Intelligence code of ethics prepared by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Agency (SDAIA) for public consultation.

Launched at the second edition of the World Summit on Artificial Intelligence, this ethical code is designed to be a practical guide to incorporating AI ethics throughout the AI system development life cycle.

The principles contribute to supporting research, development, and innovation initiatives in the Kingdom, reflected in the quality of its services to individuals, ensuring responsible use of artificial intelligence applications.

The head of the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA), Dr. Abdullah bin Sharaf Al-Ghamdi said that this national achievement is one of the many projects and initiatives that the SDAIA is working on, which will contribute to the progress of the kingdom as well as ensuring the ethical and responsible use of artificial intelligence in the service of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.

He explained that AI ethics would help establish national practices across all industries to support the adoption of AI to reduce malpractices associated with this technology by applying the following principles: integrity, justice, security, privacy, humanity, social and environmental benefits, responsibility, reliability, security, transparency, and interpretability in addition to accountability.

Dr. Majid Altuwaijri, CEO of the National Center for AI said, “We are excited to advance our technology capacity through implementing AI solutions into our current processes and operations. The AI Ethics principles will also help us ensure that we implement these capabilities in the best possible way.” 

For his part, Dr. Alghamdi said that these principles will help us move into the next generation of innovation in a multitude of projects. SDAIA has done an excellent job in encapsulating our responsibilities in implementing AI technology, and we hope to continue developing and implementing AI that exceeds these expectations.”

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the first countries to adopt the recommendations of the ethics of artificial intelligence issued by UNESCO in November 2021 with the participation of 193 countries, and developed in cooperation with experts from Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAYA.(

Source: Saudi Press Agency (SPA)

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