Israeli army reveals a “factory”artificial intelligence war data

In early February 2022, the Israeli army revealed a “factory” of artificial intelligence war data and strategy, during the “Blavatnik” week for virtual artificial intelligence at Tel Aviv University.

Director of the IDF’s Digital Transformation Department, Aviad Dagan, said, “The IDF Chief of Staff, Aviv Kohavi, approved just a few weeks ago a new strategy for artificial intelligence.”

He noted that “data and artificial intelligence can really win wars, not just with weapons, jets and submarines.”

Dagan explained, “The speed with which we can make a new weapon is completely different from making a physical weapon,” noting that “this type of factory will be significantly more flexible and adaptable.”

And he stated that “this strategy of artificial intelligence will solve the long delays, the resources needed to purchase the F-35 and most other new weapons for the forces operating in the Israeli army.”

Dagan noted that “new artificial intelligence capabilities will be of great importance in any possible future war,” noting that the Israeli army has developed a list of thousands of targets through this strategy.

Al Jundi

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