Head of Cybersecurity: UAE National Infrastructure Secured According to the Highest Standards

Dr Mohammed Al Kuwaiti, the Head of the Cybersecurity Council for the United Arab Emirates government, affirmed that the UAE possesses a strong digital infrastructure, relying on advanced networks and platforms.

He stated, “The national clouds that host the data of government institutions in the country are secured according to the highest security and defence systems. They also monitor, deter and prepare for any potential cyber threats”.

Al Kuwaiti added that digital transformation is an urgent necessity shared by all sectors of the country, including aviation, education, healthcare, and services that cater to individuals’ daily lives. He emphasized the importance of forums and gatherings that contribute to spreading a cybersecurity culture within those entities, highlighting new developments in the sector, particularly with the advancements in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, and others.

 Additionally, social media platforms play a role in enhancing this culture among the masses.

He pointed out the fruitful collaboration among all partners, including national companies, as well as the public and private sectors, aiming to exchange cybersecurity expertise and enhance awareness of cybersecurity and compliance standards for all entities in the country.

 He emphasized that cybersecurity systems are of utmost importance as they serve as the first line of defence for institutions and secure all platforms, given the increasing prevalence of cyberattacks due to the technology’s widespread adoption.

Al Jundi

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