French Army testing the capabilities of “Spot”

In late March 2021, French army used the four-legged “Spot” robot, which was manufactured by the American company, Boston Dynamics, during one of the military exercises, in late March 2021.

The use of the robot “Spot” came to test its capabilities in reconnaissance operations. Pictures of the exercises were shared by the First Military School in France through its Twitter account. The tests were described as an increase in students’ awareness of tomorrow’s challenges, which include the process of automating the battlefield.

The “Spot” robot was one of a number of robots being tested by students from the French Common Weapons School, with the aim of evaluating the feasibility of robots in future warfare.

Other robots included the French-made Nexter and Shark Robotics Barakuda ULTRO, a drone that carries a heavy armor to protect advancing soldiers.


Al Jundi

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