China Tests Fighter Aircrafts Flown By AI

The Chinese army has tested fighter jets flown by artificial intelligence technology,  in an air battle simulated experience.

In mid-June 2021, Chinese media confirmed the success of the experiment, which will pave the way for the use of this technology in future battles, as it has proven its superiority against  military pilots.

According to media reports, a fighter aircraft adopting artificial intelligence technology shot down an aircraft piloted by a man , named “Fang Guiyu”, with a considerable experience in military operations.

“Chinese fighter jets flown by AI have become better than humans in battles, so they have been able to defeat pilots during training manoeuvres,”  says the Chinese military.

China is undergoing extensive overhaul of its tanks, missile systems, fighter jets, and plans by integrating  advanced artificial intelligence systems into its J – 20 fighter.

Currently, China tests  artificial intelligence techniques in professional training, which evaluate the ability of computers to defeat professional pilots, who are trying to overcome those systems.

Source: “Daily Mail”

Al Jundi

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