A Unified Central Interface for Generative AI Services

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government Authority in the UAE have launched a unified central interface to assist government entities in harnessing the benefits of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This initiative aims to enhance their ability to provide services that meet the expectations of individuals in the era of speed and artificial intelligence.

Interface Objectives

This central interface is part of an ambitious plan that includes a package of Generative AI services previously launched by His Excellency Talal Belhoul, Chairman of the Authority’s Board.

It includes the upgraded version of the unified digital portal for the government (U.ae) and the AI-supported Federal Digital Network.

This interface comes at a time of increasing interest in using Generative AI and other AI domains to enhance productivity and efficiency in government work.

It offers several benefits to government entities, including providing an approved mechanism to access Generative AI services and technical support related to the use of application programming interfaces to leverage Generative AI solutions.

Furthermore, it offers technical consultations on various use cases that align with regulations and policies, thus empowering government entities, ultimately resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and improved government performance.

Eng. Majed Sultan Al Mesmar, Director-General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government Authority, stated, “Given the rapid technological transformations, it is crucial to demonstrate a high level of proactivity and innovation in implementing initiatives that promote efficiency and offer proactive solutions to drive the UAE’s leadership in adopting the concepts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with Artificial Intelligence at the forefront.”

He added, “We have developed this central interface based on our strategic vision to help realize the UAE Vision 2031, leading to the development of a digital infrastructure based on the latest technological methods, establishing the most advanced and superior system, providing the best government services, and presenting the best flexible work models to achieve results and effectiveness.”

Initiative Objectives

Al Mesmar further emphasized that “this initiative aims to enhance the interests of entities in dealing with Generative Artificial Intelligence while adhering to national regulations and policies and organizing the efficient and effective acquisition of services. It falls within our strategic role in driving forward the national digital transformation.”

“The Authority has developed an integrated plan for government benefit from AI technologies, including Generative AI, which includes several stages starting from the official portal of the state to the federal digital network, and more. This plan remains open to all innovative ideas that can be applied to serve the nation’s ambitious goals, including enhancing economic dynamics, facilitating customer lives, increasing their happiness, and enhancing the country’s global competitiveness”, he added.

Al Jundi

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