A Chinese company demonstrates capabilities of a huge “army” of robots

A Chinese company specializing in the production of “robots” has revealed a huge army of four-legged machines that move regularly, suggesting that the idea of ​​a “robotic army” is close to emerging. It is an army that can carry out any tasks entrusted to it, whether civilian or military.

The Chinese robots appeared in a video clip published by Unitree Robotics, a China-based company, in which robots were moving regularly and collectively, which means that they are able to do any collective work with great capacity.

The dog-like robot, called “Aliengo,”  is powered by artificial intelligence technology and features a set of unprecedented capabilities, including deep perception, active athletic performance, as well as an advanced level of protection, as well as many other features.

The short video clip showed dozens of robots sitting on the ground, but then they rise to a squat position, bend forward and then return to their original position, all at the same time with a homogeneous and coordinated movement.

The video sparked a lot of responses on social networks, with many users likening these robots to clips from science fiction movies.

One commentator on Twitter expressed his fear that China was “trying to militarize this technology in order to invade the United States,” while another said that the scene resembles a terrifying episode of the “Black Mirror” series, released in 2017, which shows humans escaping from the fatal robotic dogs after the unjustified collapse of mankind.

The Chinese company, Unitree, revealed the innovation for the first time at CES 2020 Exhibition.

According to the specifications announced by the company, this robot which is equipped with artificial intelligence technology that enables it to respond quickly, weighs about 26 pounds and features a battery that can operate for up to two hours.

The Aliengo robot can walk about 10 feet per second or seven miles per hour, which means that it is much faster than the average human.

According to reports, the robot is able to carry up to 11 pounds of payload, making it suitable for factories and other labor positions.

Al Jundi

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