8 AI Tools that Help Develop Daily Skills

2023 witnessed a breakthrough in artificial intelligence technologies that are now available to the public. All of these technologies use algorithms to present, organize, and classify data based on the researcher’s priorities.

Some experts define artificial intelligence as a collection of information and techniques related to the ability of computer systems to simulate human intelligence.

In this regard, we will review several applications of artificial intelligence and its tools, which can be utilized to develop daily skills, whether related to internet research, writing, proofreading, or even creating a healthy lifestyle.

1- “ChatGPT”

“ChatGPT” is one of the most popular generative AI tools, a chatbot application that allows users to ask questions and engage in conversations in an interactive manner, resembling real discussions. It is used in various fields, from education to providing general advice and guidance.

2- “BARD”

Similar to “ChatGPT,” “BARD” is a chatbot supported by Google, and both are linguistic models that generate information and data through AI-driven chat.

“BARD” enables users to access simplified and organized information based on their priorities on various topics. It excels at predicting potential questions, as it is the result of Google’s experiments to improve search engine understanding of its users’ queries.

3- “Perplexity AI”

“Perplexity” is a chat-based conversational search engine that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide answers to user questions through programming language models. Several specialized reports indicate its effectiveness in scientific and research applications.

4- “DALL-E”

“DALL-E” is an AI system capable of creating realistic images and paintings based on human natural language descriptions. It resulted from research conducted by the American OpenAI research lab, the same entity behind “ChatGPT”.

5- “WOMBO Dream”

“WOMBO Dream” is an easy-to-use AI system suitable for various ages and affordable when subscribing to advanced, paid, long-term services. Through this system, text can be transformed into images using written language.

6- “Socratic”

“Socratic” is an educational AI application that can be downloaded on mobile phones. This app assists students in completing their school assignments by providing various educational resources, such as videos, questions, answers, topic links, and other sources.

7- “ELSA”

ELSA is an app designed to help users improve their English language pronunciation using artificial intelligence techniques. It relies on audio data from English speakers with different accents.

8- “Fooducate”

Fooducate is designed to help users lose weight or maintain it. The app helps users find healthy food and understand its ingredients through data and information based on artificial intelligence techniques, providing detailed and up-to-date information about proper nutrition methods.

The AI algorithms scan the nutritional elements needed by the user, recommend suitable types of food, and provide necessary nutritional values.

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