We draw strength from sacrifices of our martyrs: Mohamed bin Zayed

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, has said, “We draw lessons from the sacrifices of the nation’s martyrs for a strong and resilient country, capable of facing challenges… We are proud of them.” Sheikh Mohamed said the names of the UAE’s fallen heroes and their memories would live on forever.

In a statement to the ‘Nation Shield’ journal on the occasion of Commemoration Day, marked 30th November, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed said, “Over time, we are keen to preserve this anniversary and keep it alive in our memory. We intend to inscribe our martyrs’ heroism into the brightest pages of the nation’s history so that future generations will know how much their ancestors sacrificed to uphold the UAE’s security, values and dignity.

The following is the text of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s statement on Commemoration Day: “The UAE and its people are proud to observe Commemoration Day, which celebrates the memory of our heroic martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the UAE and its people in defence of its values and principles. We raise our heads with honour and pride. We draw lessons from their enormous sacrifice for an advanced, resilient and robust nation capable of facing challenges confidently and looking to the future with hope and ambition.

“The memory of our fallen heroes will remain a source of inspiration, and their sacrifices remain imprinted on the hearts of our people, a shining model for the love of our nation. The greatest sacrifices are those made for one’s country, the most honourable battles are those fought in defence of it, and the most precious blood is shed in defence of the homeland and for the preservation of its achievements.

“The names of our heroic martyrs, both military and civilian, will endure as a symbol of a glorious era in our history. No matter how many years pass, their memory becomes ever brighter, and we are keen to preserve this anniversary and keep it alive in the country’s memory and that of its people. We are determined to record their heroism in our history books and inform future generations of the sacrifices made to uphold the UAE’s security and dignity.

“Since the UAE has dedicated a day to commemorate its martyrs and recall their heroism and courage with pride, it will never forget them. Instead, it remembers them all the time because they are present in the hearts of the people. Their memory will never fade, nor will their sacrifices be forgotten.

“Taking care of our martyrs’ families and providing for them by way of expressing our gratitude remains at the top of our priorities because the UAE is loyal to its children and never forgets their sacrifices. Thus, our flag remains high, now and in the future, and our appreciation for the martyr’s sacrifices knows no bounds.

“On this national occasion, we salute the mothers, fathers and families of the martyrs who provided the UAE with the joy of their lives and set an example in courage and patriotism. We salute our martyrs’ sons and daughters.

“As the UAE prepares to enter the next 50 years of its history with great ambitions, hopes and aspirations, we evoke the values and meanings embodied by our righteous martyrs – the values of patriotism, belonging, giving, sincerity and dedication to our nation. These meanings fill us with determination, strength and the will to realise our ambitions in the coming years. It proves that our beloved country rises and advances with the power of its children and that we will be able to fulfil its right.

“May God Almighty have mercy on our righteous martyrs and bless their families. Long live the United Arab Emirates, strong, impregnable and honoured thanks to its children.”

Al Jundi

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