The “National Service” cooperates with the “Interior” in the comprehensive citizen file for the recruits

WAM 27/10/2020

The General Command of the Armed Forces, represented by the National and Reserve Service Authority, and the Ministry of the Interior, signed a memorandum of understanding yesterday, with the aim of cooperating in the field of the comprehensive citizen file for national and reserve service recruits.

The memorandum of understanding was signed by Major General Pilot Sheikh Ahmed bin Tahnoun bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the National and Reserve Service Authority, and Chairman of the Institutional Development Board in the Ministry of Interior, Major General Khalifa Hareb Al Khaili.

Major General Pilot Sheikh Ahmed bin Tahnoun bin Mohammed Al Nahyan said that the signing of the memorandum comes in line with government directions in searching for solutions to challenges and achieving ambitious goals within short periods of time, and focusing on accelerating the implementation of programs and improving the provision of government services, by making a comprehensive citizen file , With the aim of completing the electronic registration of the targets of the national service for the required age group, providing comprehensive electronic services to determine his position on the national service, and reducing the number of required documents, which is positively reflected in the reduction of the number of times of reviews of government and military agencies.

He thanked the Ministry of the Interior for its efforts to overcome difficulties by providing the data, procedures and documents required to register citizens in the national service through government electronic services, stressing that the interest of the homeland is above any consideration.

The signing of the memorandum came in implementation of the strategic plans of both parties, and in an effort to integrate efforts and exchange experiences in exchanging data and information, as the two parties agreed to exchange and organize access to information and data for citizens nominated to join the national service for the age group of “17-24”, and to facilitate procedures for completing the electronic file. Comprehensive for citizens, easy access to criminal and traffic information for the aforementioned age group, or any information that the two parties may agree on in the future, in addition to making sure to bring a registration certificate for the national service to be able to open the traffic file for the age group «05/30 / 1984 and over ».

For his part, Al Khaili stated that the Memorandum of Understanding comes within the framework of joint and integrative governmental work according to the vision of the leadership, with the aim of ensuring the achievement of national goals according to the best mechanisms and means, and embodying the principle of complementarity of roles in order to reach the desired goals.

He stressed keenness to strengthen the partnership with the General Command of the Armed Forces, represented by the National and Reserve Service Authority, and all institutions, bodies and bodies operating in accordance with the directives of the UAE government in order to improve work, implement strategic plans for each party, and promote joint work.

The two parties agreed to cooperate and coordinate between them on the electronic link with regard to criminal and traffic records, each according to its competence and available capabilities.

Al Jundi

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