Our martyrs will remain in our hearts: Mohammed Al Bowardi

On Commemoration Day, Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Bowardi, Minister of State for Defence Affairs, said that, on this day, the UAE commemorates its martyrs, who have made the ultimate sacrifice and went down in history as defenders of justice.

In his speech on the occasion, he said, “Commemoration Day is a precious national event on which we renew our loyalty to the UAE’s leadership, invest in our sons and reinforce the country by educating and training them and enhancing their skills, so they will be ready to assume their responsibilities and be the protective shield of this country.”

“I would like to note the country’s leadership spares no effort to support the families of martyrs, who have set the greatest examples of giving in defence of the country, and will remain in our hearts,” he added.

“We pray to Allah Almighty on this day to protect the UAE’s leadership and people and grant us continued safety and security, and live up to the expectations of our leadership,” he said in conclusion.


Al Jundi

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