Mubarak Al Jabri attends opening of Korean Agency for Defence Development’s office in Abu Dhabi

Major General Dr. Mubarak Saeed bin Ghafan Al Jabri, Assistant Under-Secretary for Support and Defence Industries at the Ministry of Defence, attended the opening ceremony of the Abu Dhabi office of the Korean Agency for Defence Development (ADD).

The ceremony was held in the presence of Mr. Song, Deputy Minister of Defence Industries (DAPA), Head of the ADD Office, and Kwon Yongwoo, Korean Ambassador to the UAE and the South Korean military attaché to the UAE.

The office will focus on enhancing joint research and development, supporting ongoing cooperation and the exchange programme for engineers and experts, to serve the mutual interests of the two countries.

Major General Dr. Mubarak Al Jabri stated that the UAE believes that cooperation with a country with extensive and long experience in adopting advanced technology solutions, such as South Korea, is critical to achieving the desired success sought by the Ministry of Defence to develop the country’s defence industries system.

He pointed out that the UAE’s is seeking, with unremitting efforts and confident steps, to consolidate its position as one of the most advanced technology centres, as well as a headquarters for the most important developers, specialists and researchers in the field of military industries.

Dr. Al Jabri also underscored the wise leadership’s determination to localise the defence industries sector and establish more strategic partnerships with major defence companies around the world, as well as striving to keep pace with the continuous development in the forms and tools of future wars, which reflects the UAE leadership in reshaping the map of defence industries, especially in the Middle East.

Al Jundi

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