Ministry of Defence’s first women’s military band graduates

Major-General Salem Saeed Gavan Al Jabri, Assistant Undersecretary for Resources and Support Services, witnessed the graduation of the Ministry of Defence’s first women’s military band, which will work alongside the male military band.

The Military Music Command was keen to train the band with international trainers from different schools, through a 24-month training programme that included training in international and local concerts. This highlights the Ministry of Defence’s focus on the importance of the role assigned to women and strengthening their position in the military service.

At the opening ceremony, Lt. Colonel Ali Al-Balushi, Commander of the musical leadership, said that the military music leadership has kept pace with all new theories and concepts in modern military musical sciences, through planting of knowledge, raising efficiency and demonstrating the importance of the role of musical groups in the military system by forming the first women’s military band.

The women’s military band performed with the male military band and won the acclaim of the audience. Major-General Al Jabri then distributed certificates to the graduates of the male and female music courses.

Al Jundi

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