Emirati martyrs’ sacrifices are bright chapter in nation’s history: Chief of Staff of UAE Armed Forces

Lt. General Hamad Mohammed Thani Al Rumaithi, Chief of Staff of the UAE Armed Forces, stressed that 30th November is a day when the UAE commemorates the sacrifices of its martyrs and their heroic achievements that constitutes a model of giving, patriotism and devotion.

He made this statement in his speech on the occasion of Commemoration Day, which was published in the Nation Shield Magazine.

Al Rumaithi said, “The day, 30th November, is when the UAE commemorates its martyrs and their sacrifices, as they are a model of giving, patriotism and devotion. Our Armed Forces are a school for patriotism and loyalty, and our martyrs are the best people who believed in the values established by the Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.”

“Martyrdom for the nation represents the highest form of sacrifice, selflessness, courage and patriotism, and on Commemoration Day, we salute, with respect and gratitude, the mothers of the martyrs, who made the nation proud.

“Commemoration Day is a precious day of national dignity and will remain a symbol of our unity and national cohesion,” he added.

Al Rumaithi stressed that the sacrifices of our martyrs highlight the culture required in our national journey in all areas of work and the need to defend our nation. “We must work hard to achieve the ambitions of our leadership and the aspirations of our people to reach the highest levels of global competitiveness in indexes and reports.”

“Our martyrs have achieved the highest levels of national honour, and they give us the opportunity to reiterate our loyalty to President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan on Commemoration Day.

“The Armed Forces represent the pride of the nation and the symbol of its strength, and the sacrifices of our martyrs are a bright chapter in our history. They are the martyrs of humanity and duty,” he stated.

May the UAE’s martyrs rest in peace, and may Allah Almighty protect our leadership and country. We pledge to our leadership to continue this journey, and our martyrs’ sacrifices will be a beacon of light that enlightens our way to protect our country, Al Rumaithi concluded.

Al Jundi

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