Commander of Land Forces attends graduation of students of first Qualifying Inspection Course

Major General Saeed Rashid Al Shehhi, Commander of the UAE Land Forces, today attended the graduation of several Land Forces recruits from the first “Qualifying Inspection Course”.

The course was organised by the Land Forces Command according to the Public Inspection Executive Administration’s strategy, which plays a critical role in improving the efficiency of Armed Forces recruits, by holding specialist inspection courses in line with the best international standards.

The course also aims to qualify inspectors in their units and equip them with the best skills and capacities to carry out specialist public inspections.

Major General Al Shehhi highlighted the importance of the continuous training course, commending the role of the administration in spreading awareness about the importance of performance improvement.

He then congratulated the graduates for passing the course, expressing his hope that it will add to their capacities and professionalism.

Al Jundi

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