Ukraine & Poland to develop anti-tank guided missile

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Ukraine and Poland will collaborate to develop and manufacture in Poland the Ukrainian-made ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) called Pirat. The Pirat ATGM Anti-Tank Guided Missile was presented by the Polish Company Mesko at MSPO defence exhibition in Poland. The infantry version of the Pirat 1 Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) is being designed to reach a maximum firing range of 2,500 m and the missile can be fitted with three different types of 2.5-kg warheads including armor-piercing, thermobaric and high explosive fragmentation. It has a weight of 10 kg and a diameter of 107 mm. It will be launched from an 1180 mm long transport/launch canister (TLC) weighing 15 kg when loaded with a missile. The missile is also able to penetrate 550mm of ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor.) The Pirat 2 has similar features to the version of the Pirat ATGM. It is a light short-range ATGM weapon system with manually launched missile that will be self-guided after launch following the target-reflected laser beam trajectory. The Pirat 2 design is based upon experience of the Polish companies acquired in developing the Grom MANPADS technology. The missile of the Pirat 2 has a maximum firing range of 2.5 km as the version 1 of the Pirat, but with time-to-target at the longest range shortened from 12 seconds down to 5.5 seconds, and will be used for defeating soft targets with its high explosive warhead of a proprietary design.

Al Jundi

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