China Unveils New Artillery

Chinese defence company Norinco recently introduced a self-propelled howitzer into the arsenal of the Chinese military.

The new howitzer operates on a 6×6 truck chassis, boasting lightweight and exceptional flexibility that provides strategic advantages in deployment and manoeuvrability across various terrains.

The design of the Chinese howitzer is divided into three main components, enhancing its operational capabilities.

The front section is fortified with an armoured crew cabin, providing essential protection for the operators.

At the rear, there is a turret mounted on the truck chassis, showcasing the firepower of the howitzer. Additionally, two large stabilising spades are installed at the rear of the chassis. These spades are lowered to the ground before firing, ensuring the vehicle’s stability and guaranteeing the accuracy of each shot.

The new artillery system is capable of launching a wide range of ammunition, including advanced GPS-guided shells and comes armed with the L/52 155mm howitzer.

Al Jundi

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