South Korea Unveils Upgraded K1E2 Main Battle Tank

South Korea has revealed the latest version of its main battle tank, the K1, introducing the upgraded configuration known as K1E2.

The K1E2 variant boasts several key enhancements, including an improved gunner’s sighting system similar to the K2 Black Panther’s, enhanced NBC protection, air conditioning facilities, and an additional power unit.

The new gunner’s sighting system provides exceptional precision, third-generation thermal capabilities, and automatic tracking functionality, thereby boosting the tank’s combat effectiveness on the battlefield.

The project to enhance K1E1 tanks aims to modernize the current fleet of K1/K1E1 tanks in the inventory of the South Korean Army. The complete upgrade program is expected to continue until 2038, transitioning all tanks to the K1E2 standard.

Al Jundi

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