Spyder .. the world’s first flying motorcycle for military missions

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“Spyder”, the world’s first flying motorcycle, fast and small, designed and being developed by the American “Jetpack” company, which is expected to announce in mid-2021 the issuance of the first 60 models for the start of planning for mass production, and to obtain supply contracts for US military and government agencies.

The empty weight of the “Spyder” is 104 kilograms, with the ability to take off, land vertically and fly for a period of 30 minutes to one hour at a speed of 241 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 4.6 kilometers with a payload of 108 to 319 kg.

Therefore, it is the fastest and cheapest future solution which is less costly than helicopters to transport personnel or supplies to enter or exit theater operations or high-risk environments, whether for military, emergency or catastrophic scenarios, they fly completely independently and can detect obstacles, avoid collision and automatic flight planning.

Al Jundi

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