Russia equips its warships with anti-submarine missile systems

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Russian military sources announced that some warships in the Russian army’s military fleet will receive advanced anti-submarine‭ ‬weapons systems‭, ‬and according to Russia Today news channel‭, ‬the command of the Russian‭  ‬navy decided to supply military ships similar to the ship‭ (‬Admiral Groshkov‭) ‬with PLUR anti-submarine missile-torpedo systems‭.‬

‭.‬The PLUR is one of the most dangerous and modern anti-submarine systems developed by Russia in recent years‭, ‬as it is able to launch missiles loaded with torpedoes‭, ‬and its missiles can be launched from long distances up to tens of kilometers‭, ‬when the missile is launched‭, ‬it flies at low altitudes above the water surface‭, ‬and when it enters the target area‭, ‬a torpedo detaches and‭ ‬heads towards the target via an autonomous guidance system‭.‬

Al Jundi

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