Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works to build indigenously designed stealth Gun Boat

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Pakistan Navy has awarded a contract to Karachi Shipyard‭ & ‬Engineering Works‭ (‬KS&EW‭) ‬to build stealth Gun Boats and Tugs‭. ‬

The Gun Boat possessing stealth features‭, ‬armor protection and capable of achieving high speed will be indigenously designed by‭ ‬Pakistan Navy‭, ‬while its construction will be undertaken by KS&EW‭. ‬Additionally‭, ‬02‭ ‬x Tugs equipped with state-of-the-art machinery‭, ‬adept to operate in rough weather and capable to conduct salvage operations will also be constructed‭.‬

Pakistan Navy official highlighted that projects are manifestation of indigenization and self-sufficiency in defence ship building‭. ‬He also underlined that presently various vessels are under construction at KS&EW including MILGEM Corvette‭, ‬Fast Attack Craft‭ (‬Missile‭) ‬and tugs for Pakistan Navy and Maritime Patrol Vessel for Pakistan Maritime Security Agency‭ .‬

Al Jundi

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