Innovation and modularity underpin AL TARIQ solutions

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AL TARIQ is part of the Missiles & Weapons cluster within EDGE, one of the top 25 military contractors in the world. AL TARIQ is a high technology manufacturer of long-range precision-guided munition (LR-PGM) solutions, developing systems to support the ‘Make it in the Emirates’ drive in the UAE, while enabling expansion of the UAE Air Force’s capabilities.

AL TARIQ has achieved major milestones over the past two years. Enhancement to Block II specifications and integration of anti-jamming technology, a penetration payload, and the integration of Mk 83 aerial munitions onto the LR-PGM kit has been achieved, exemplifying AL TARIQ’s focus on providing cutting-edge mission flexibility to the end-user through innovation.

AL TARIQ designs and produces the AL TARIQ line of LR-PGMs – a modular family of all-weather, day/night, high precision munitions, converting unguided aerial munitions into smart, longer-range focused munitions. The addition of a wing-kit converts the AL TARIQ-S (Standard Range) to the AL TARIQ-LR (Long Range) variant, allowing the user to increase the standoff range from 45km to 120km. AL TARIQ’s line of LR-PGMs is designed for the Mk 81, Mk 82, and Mk 83 aerial munitions and can also be integrated on the 250kg and 450kg High Speed Low Drag (HSLD) payloads. A penetration payload for engaging hardened installations can be integrated, depending on the user’s requirement.

AL TARIQ’s LR-PGMs have three seeker variants – GNSS/INS, GNSS/INS/Semi-Active Laser (SAL) for improved accuracy against moving targets and GNSS/INS/Imaging Infrared (IIR) with Automatic Target Recognition (ATR). A GNSS Anti-Jamming solution can also be integrated, providing a high degree of mission success against multiple high-powered GPS jammers.

The upgrade to Block II specifications, achieved last year, integrated a host of latest technologies. The upgrade included a Height-of-Burst Sensor (HOBS), permitting the LR-PGMs to utilise airburst applications, digital integration on aircraft requiring either MIL-STD-1760 or DIGIBUS interfacing and a PowerPack that equips the PGMs with a pre-flight power source.

AL TARIQ’s innovation mindset paired with a team of highly experienced senior engineers and emerging local talent has culminated in LR-PGMs that provide unmatched modularity to the end-user. AL TARIQ is set to continue adding new features and capabilities to its mission proven airborne systems, standing out as a unique competitor in the international PGM market.

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