“Il-112V” a new Russian aircraft

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Russia has built a new engine especially for the new military transport aircraft “Il-112V”.

The Russian Armed Forces TV, citing the head of the “Klimov” complex for the production of aircraft engines, who stated that the complex intends to start industrial production of “TV-7-117ST” engines in 2023.

The engine power is 3100 horsepower. It can produce a thrust equivalent to 3600 horsepower, and it weighs 500 kilograms. The engine consumes less than 200 grams of fuel to produce one horsepower per hour of thrust.

The Il-112V, a new aircraft intended for transporting troops and military equipment, completed its first flight on March 30, 2019.

Russia is now is to complete testing of the new aircraft, and should begin delivering the Il-112V to its armed forces this year.

Al Jundi

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