Egypt locally manufactures the first naval weapon of its kind

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The Egyptian Alexandria Shipyard Company officially announced the start of the implementation of the local construction contract‭ ‬for the first Egyptian MEKO A200EN frigate next year‭.‬
The company stated in a statement on its official website that the displacement of the contracted frigate is 3,400‭ ‬tons‭, ‬its length is 118‭ ‬meters‭, ‬its width is 14.8‭ ‬meters‭, ‬its draft is 4.3‭ ‬meters‭, ‬and its maximum speed is 32‭ ‬knots‭.‬
The company noted that the construction will be done in cooperation with the German TKMS Shipbuilding Company‭, ‬as the contract signed between the two sides stipulates that the Egyptian Navy will obtain‭ (‬4‭) ‬frigates of the aforementioned class‭, ‬one of which‭ ‬will be built locally‭.‬
The frigate is equipped with a main Swedish-made Sea Giraffe radar‭, ‬which can track more than 200‭ ‬air and 400‭ ‬surface targets simultaneously‭.‬
The frigate can also carry two helicopters for anti-submarine missions‭, ‬and also has the ability to carry small unmanned drones‭ ‬for reconnaissance and surveillance missions‭, ‬as well as the ability to carry two light boats for special forces missions‭. ‬●

Al Jundi

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