3 new weapons for the Russian air defense forces

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The Russian Ministry of Defense said that in 2022 it is planned to complete the manufacture of 3 new weapons for the air defense forces responsible for protecting army units from air attacks: “Derivatsyapiviu”, “Pantsir-SM-Esvi” and “Tyfunbivio”.

The Ministry indicated that what bears the name “Derivatsyapivio” is an alternative to the “Shilka” self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, a 57 mm automatic cannon, which can destroy various targets, including small-sized drones, with missiles that can be detonated from a distance when approaching the target.

The so-called “Pantsir-SM-Esvi” is a new type of the “Pantsir” anti-aircraft missile artillery system, mounted on a tracked vehicle, and uses two types of long-range anti-aircraft guided missiles.

What bears the name “Typhoonbivio” is a new car for soldiers with shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft missiles that may comprise the currently available “Igla”, “Iglas” and “Verba” missiles and the new “Metka” missiles.

Al Jundi

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