Turkish Fast Attack Craft FAC-55.. Power & Flexibility in Facing Maritime Threats

The Turkish defence industries play a crucial role in enhancing the country’s military capabilities, preserving its national security, and dealing with various security challenges.

Today, Turkiye has emerged as a significant player in the field of military manufacturing. Over the decades, the country has developed its defence industry and become one of the main actors in this field, successfully selling its military products to numerous countries worldwide.

Turkiye is known for being a leading country in technology and innovation, and this leadership has had a significant impact on its defence industry.

Furthermore, it has contributed to the development and improvement of its military products, as Turkiye possesses strong expertise in military manufacturing across the aerospace, naval, and land domains.

The Turkish defence industries are renowned for their innovative designs and unique engineering and Ankara is committed to continuously developing new technologies and designs to enhance military performance and efficiency, reflecting the country’s commitment to technological advancement and meeting the evolving needs of the armed forces.

Turkiye manufactures a wide range of advanced military products and technologies, including fighter aircraft, drones, missiles and missile systems, armoured vehicles, small arms, electronic systems and sensors, military infrastructure, warships, naval systems, and much more.

Moreover, Turkiye is home to several leading companies in this field, with STM (Defence Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc.) being one of the prominent ones.

 STM develops advanced high-tech systems and operates both domestically and internationally.

STM plays a pivotal role in various naval production projects, designing and manufacturing multipurpose military ships and vessels with national capabilities that can be used for a range of missions, including reconnaissance, surveillance, early warning, anti-submarine warfare, naval combat, ground combat, aerial combat, and amphibious operations.

One of the notable products by Turkish company STM which has achieved great success and popularity in the maritime field is the FAC-55 Fast Attack Craft. It is part of the Fast Attack Craft series developed by Turkiye to enhance its naval capabilities and provide an effective means to counter maritime threats.

Dimensions and Specifications

The FAC-55 Fast Attack Craft can operate effectively in complex combat environments, carrying out reconnaissance and offensive operations.

The craft features a robust steel structure with a low radar cross-section, infrared signature, reduced acoustic and magnetic footprint, and exceptional self-defence capabilities.

The total length of the craft is approximately 62.7 metres, with a width of around 9.84 metres. The waterline length of the vessel is about 55.9 metres. It can reach a maximum speed of over 55 knots (101.86 km/h) and a cruise speed of 18 knots (over 33 km/h), furthermore, it has a range of approximately 1,852 km at 20 knots and up to 1,389 km at 50 knots.

The FAC-55 has a displacement of about 535 tons and a draft of 1.68 metres, additionally, this unique Turkish vessel provides comfortable accommodation for a crew of 34 members.

Offensive Capabilities

Fast naval crafts play a vital role in striking and neutralizing maritime threats. Therefore, the fast attack craft FAC-55 carries a diverse range of weapons, attack systems, combat management, and surface warfare operations, including anti-ship and fast boat guided missiles, grenade launcher artillery, machine guns, electronic control and sensing systems.

This enables it to effectively carry out reconnaissance operations, counter maritime threats, and engage maritime targets with exceptional efficiency in challenging sea and diverse weather conditions.

Electronic Systems and Equipment

The Turkish fast attack craft FAC-55, with its monohull design, is equipped with a gas turbine propulsion system and three 200 kW diesel generators. This unique naval asset features advanced and integrated communication, sensing, and monitoring systems, including 3D radar systems, maritime sensors, and navigation systems.

It also incorporates technologies that enhance air and maritime situational awareness, target detection, tracking capabilities, and necessary countermeasures. Additionally, it includes a fire control radar.

Performance and Operation

The Turkish fast attack craft FAC-55, known for its speed, agility, and high manoeuvrability, is capable of efficiently operating in open seas and coastal areas. It is operated by a small number of personnel and is equipped with a rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB).


By: Ikram Bendalla (Research Specializing in Military Affairs)

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