TITUS.. French APC with advanced and unique capabilities

The French Nexter is one of the leading defence companies specialising in the development and production of advanced defence technology.

It is renowned for innovating high-quality products that meet the needs of military and security forces around the world.

The importance of Nexter’s defence products stems from their vital role in enhancing defence and protection capabilities in the face of modern security challenges, achieving superiority in the defence and security domains, and boosting the capacities of nations and armed forces to efficiently and effectively address security challenges.

One of the most notable innovative defence products of the French company is the TITUS (Tactical Infantry Transport & Utility System), a 6×6 armoured vehicle personnel carrier.

TITUS stands out with its advanced and robust design, providing maximum levels of protection and durability.

Moreover, it is equipped with advanced and intelligent technological systems that enhance reconnaissance capabilities and rapid response in complex environments.

 21st Century Vehicle

“TITUS” is a unique and versatile vehicle that meets the demands of the 21st century. It presents an ideal solution for addressing a wide range of asymmetric threats and diverse security challenges.

It covers various scenarios, ranging from military operations to internal security and counterterrorism. TITUS offers mobility, protection, a suitable working environment, and great flexibility in troop deployment.

Through its unrivalled level of modularity based on combat mission kits, operational environment kits, and a wide family of variants, Nexter TITUS can fulfil the full range of missions from Infantry transport to combat missions, combat support and combat service support functions, peacekeeping and counter-insurgency missions,  in any kind of type of commitment likely to occur in a hybrid conflict.

The TITUS Nexter has been designed to meet needs of the military markets of the Middle East and Asia. TITUS is the ultimate armoured vehicle designed to meet all the constraints of modern hybrid warfare.

Operational Efficiency and Excellence

Continuing a famous long lineage, including Leclerc (MBT), VBCI (IFV) and ARAVIS (highly protected 4×4), all combat-proven in many theatres of operation, Nexter combined the best of its experience and technology in TITUS. Through its modularity, TITUS family is dedicated to every unit, facing different threats in an evolving environment.

Armament Systems

The Nexter TITUS can be equipped with any kind of Remote Control Weapon Station from 7.62mm to 20mm, and 40mm Grenade Launchers as well, depending on the level of threats and type of missions.

The ARX20 remotely controlled weapon station (RWS) developed and built by Nexter mounts the 20mm 10M621 automatic gun, and fires 20×102 NATO ammunition at a rate of 750 rds./min.

Furthermore, TITUS features a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun mounted to the right of the main armament and a bank of four smoke grenade dischargers is mounted at the front of the turret.

The new weapon station offers greater range and effect, compared to common RWS operating 12.7mm weapons while offering reduced weight and improved compactness, compared to equivalent 25-30mm turrets.

The ARX20 is particularly effective in asymmetric warfare operations when engaging vehicles armed with a 14.5mm heavy machine gun or 23mm cannons.

Design and protection

The layout of the Nexter TITUS is very similar to MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) category vehicle with the engine at the front, the crew compartment in the middle, and the troop’s area at the rear.

The APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) version of the TITUS Nexter has seating for ten dismounted troops, a commander station, and a gunner and driver in the front.

The front part of the vehicle and the windows provide protection against small arms firing and shell splinters, Level 1, STANAG 4569.

While the crew and soldiers compartment features Level 2 armour capable of withstanding a 50 kg IED blast.

TITUS can be fitted with add-on armour to increase its protection to Level 3 for the engine bonnet and armoured glass, and Level 4 for the crew and soldiers compartment, with IED protection of 150 kg blast.

TITUS is also equipped with SAFEPRO seats to increase the motorized infantryman’s survival. It protects the lower limbs with the footrest, the pelvis and the spine with the patented seat system and the nape and the head with the headrest and 4-point harness.

The SAFEPRO seat limits shocks suffered by the infantryman in case of an explosion of blast-effect mines or IEDs.

Moreover, the front part of the hull is equipped with a large windscreen which enables the crew to have wide forward visibility. One single door is available on each side at the front of the hull, with a small bulletproof on the upper part.

Each side of the troop’s compartment is equipped with three small bulletproof windows and firing ports, which are covered when the add-on armour is fitted on the vehicle.

The infantrymen enter and leave the Nexter TITUS via a hydraulic rear door which opens downwards. The 8×8 vehicle TITUS provides a load capacity of up to 4t and has an internal capacity of more than 14.4 m³.

In addition, there is a storage capacity of 2.4m³ inside and 1.5m³ outside.

Superior Capabilities and Flexible Performance

The Nexter TITUS offers exceptional mobility through its Tatra 6×6 chassis with a Cummins 500 hp engine coupled to an automatic gearbox with 6 forward and 1 reverse speeds.

The vehicle has front and rear wheeled steering with Allison automatic transmission offering 6×4 drives on roads with full 6×6 drives over difficult terrain.

The chassis consists of a central backbone tube and independently suspended swinging half-axles. The TITUS can run at a maximum road speed of 110 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 700 km.

The TITUS can cross a vertical step of 650 mm and a fording depth of 1.2m without preparation. The vehicle is able to negotiate a slope of up to 60% and a side slope of up to 30%.

Cutting edge technology

The Nexter TITUS is fully integrated within the C4I network through the latest generation of electronic combat equipment, as the Nexter Battlefield Management System FINDERS provides situational awareness, enhanced by a perimetric camera system, and reconnaissance robot (NERVA LG), allowing safe dismounting.

The TITUS is fitted with four cameras providing 360° coverage. Standard equipment of the Nexter TITUS includes an air conditioning/heating system, air exchange, and NBC protection system.


By: Ikram Bendalla (research specializing in military affairs)

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