SOM.. Turkish missiles with unique specifications and advanced technology

Turkey is one of the most important countries in the world, possessing advanced military capabilities, as its military industries are characterized by rapid development and enjoy great support from the Turkish government and the military establishment.

Over the past few years, Turkey managed to build and develop its military capabilities significantly, especially in the field of manufacturing missiles and missile systems, which are now considered one of the most important defensive and offensive weapons in modern armies, as they allow armies to destroy long-range targets effectively and accurately, in addition to their ability to cover large areas quickly.

Furthermore, missiles allow armies to achieve their goals in war with minimal human and material losses, thus they are considered one of the main weapons in confronting threats and defending national security as well as a key element in controlling the air and the sea, achieving military dominance and strategic superiority.

SOM missiles

Produced by Turkiye-based Roketsan Defence, specializing in the manufacture of missiles and projectiles and developed by the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Corporation Tubitak, the famous multi-mission SOM (Stand-Off Missile) is one of the most advanced Turkish military products, as it can be used in various combat conditions and situations, making it one of the most important strategic weapons that Ankara possesses and uses in military operations, becoming one of the main weapons of the Turkish Air Force today.

Classified as cruise missiles, these guided missiles managed to achieve several successes in recent years, having been successfully used in the field in many critical areas in the world and receiving high ratings from users.

The SOM missiles include advanced technology that allows them to accurately target and control the trajectory precisely during flight, enabling them to destroy specific targets with precision.

SOM missile classes

SOM missiles are designed to target land and sea targets, and they are divided into several categories, models, and sizes that are characterized by unique specifications according to their targets, namely: SOM-A, which is used to attack land and fortified military targets, SOM-B1, which is used to attack marine targets and warships, and the SOM- B2 modern missile, which weighs about 600 kg, has a length of 4 metres and can be used in air attacks, against long-range targets and in surprise air strikes on moving targets.

Moreover, it can be installed on several types of warplanes, the most prominent of which are F-16s and F-4Es.

Another class of SOM missiles is the SOM-J class, which is used to attack air targets such as aircraft and airports.


With a range of more than 250 km, the long-range SOM missiles are characterized by accuracy, high sensitivity and the ability to identify targets during flight using the Global Positioning System (GPS), to deal with the most complex threats.

Featuring high speed and the ability to fly at low altitudes and engage ground and underwater targets, SOM missiles can bypass air defence systems and other electronic devices.

These remotely controlled compact and lightweight missiles were designed to carry warheads weighing up to 230 kilograms and operate in the harshest weather conditions despite the challenges of electronic warfare, relying on unique artificial intelligence that enables them to deal with radar systems with high accuracy and plan missions using 3D technology.

In general, SOM missiles use cutting-edge engines capable of adapting to different weather conditions. Therefore, the SOM missiles are considered an important addition to Turkey’s military capabilities, contributing greatly to improving its defence capabilities and reducing its dependence on imports in the military sector.


By: Ikram Ben dala (research specializing in military affairs)

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