«REMAYA» keeps pace with the defence needs and meets requirements of the military fields

The world today faces changing threats, which require the defence forces to be well- prepared, and to have flexibility, ability to respond rapidly to the risks during carrying out missions of security and military tasks. Shooting in its various forms is considered one of the most important skills that a combat soldier must master, in order to be able to properly exploit the field. Accurate shooting (marksmanship) is a crucial element in many battles and wars.
The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries in the world that pays great attention to its defence and military forces, and spares no effort to provide what serves and develops the capabilities of its soldiers and security apparatus, and the field of shooting is one of the most defensive fields that the UAE is interested in. Hence the UAE has been keen to build world-class specialized companies and ranges, the most prominent of which is Remaya (Shooting), which was established in 2009 and which belongs to the missile and weapons sector in the (EDGE) Defence Systems Group.
World-class shooting ranges
Remaya company designs, builds and develops world-class military shooting ranges, starting from the initial design and initial development stages, through to construction, operation, maintenance and management operations of fields, equipping shooting ranges with the latest technologies and targets for live firing, and applying international standards of security and safety in the ranges, where the company provides professional-level of live shooting facilities specifically designed to keep pace with changing defence and security needs, meeting the needs of the military ranges of the twenty-first century.
Remaya says that it follows a strict approach that guarantees the highest standards of preserving the lives of military and security personnel inside the fields of confrontation, or during the implementation of missions.
Today, Remaya has become one of the most important companies that provide its services to the General Command of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior in the United Arab Emirates, and it provides many and varied services to many international governments, non-governmental organizations, companies and international institutions.
Shooting capabilities
Remaya company’s core capabilities include designing and developing military shooting facilities, project management, establishing policies, supplying live firing target systems, installing video simulation systems, and operating and maintaining shooting ranges.
On an area of 3,000 square meters, the company’s facilities include a workshop for constructing range systems, operations and maintenance, and research and development.
Unguarded targets are simulated by employing advanced technologies and using intelligent robots, while LOMAH system technology is used to locate the miss and hit.
The methodology of shooting relies on more than 120 trained engineers and technicians working to create environments dedicated to the ranges of live shooting with military specifications that use the latest virtual reality technologies in their design, in addition to 5 teams to install shooting equipment.

By: Ikram Bin dalla «Military Affairs Researcher»

Al Jundi

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