Rabdan.. Emirati amphibious armored vehicle with international specifications

The fields of operations are currently witnessing rapid developments that are difficult to predict, and full readiness to perform tasks has become an essential element to achieve success. It is expected that future confrontations will take place in fields more diverse and complex than ever before, real and virtual fields, fixed and mobile, including air, land and sea, which require to be supported with quick thoughts and superior intelligence, and to be presented through flexible and responsive tactics.

In this sense, the ground forces are not an exception in the new reality, as they require a new generation of armored vehicles that are faster, more versatile and capable of movement, with their distinctive offensive and defensive capabilities.

Enhancing the capabilities and tactical flexibility of the ground forces

As a company specializing in armored vehicles, the UAE Al Al Jasoor Company has been able to meet many future requirements, affiliated to the platforms and systems sector in the Edge Group, as it supplies the UAE Armed Forces with Rabdan 8 × 8 amphibious infantry fighting vehicles with advanced, versatile technologies and innovations. This provides assured protection to front-line forces by enhancing capabilities and tactical flexibility of the ground forces.

The company’s fleet of Rabdan vehicles contributes to upgrading the capabilities of the armed forces in this field, by providing them with the required competitive advantage when need arises.

Al Jasoor relies on decades of experience and expertise in vehicle fabrication and design, as well as training and intellectual property, to ensure that Rabdan 8 × 8 vehicles meet the highest operational requirements of the UAE Armed Forces.

Protection and armament systems

Rabdan amphibious fighting vehicles feature a modern design inspired by the (ARMA) offensive platform, and are manufactured in accordance with the most stringent international standards, to enable them to be customized according to the requirements of the end user.

The vehicle platform gives customers the option to install a heavy-caliber weapon system (cannon with a caliber of 105 mm) on it, and its armored design provides high-level protection for soldiers against explosions, projectiles and impacts. It is equipped with ballistic protection systems with an add-on armour system and mine protection systems under the wheels and chassis, and comprehensive protection against short range IEDs. Rabdan is also equipped with protection systems against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agent, as well as an automatic fire suppression system.

Key standard equipment

The Rabdan armored vehicle is equipped with major standard equipment such as the driver’s vision improvement system, the ambient awareness system, the central tire inflator system, the steering wheel supported by a hydraulic system with the ability to steer and control the first and second axles, an anti-lock air brake system and an independent pneumatic discharge for the parking brake, in addition to a winch for towing.

Specifications and features for perfect all-terrain performance

Relying on a futuristic approach in manufacturing ground platforms that meet the future needs of the UAE and its export markets, Rabdan 8 × 8 vehicles have been built with a flexible system that withstands various conditions, as the vehicle’s six-cylinder turbocharged engine with a power of 600 HP that meets the requirements of various tasks on various terrain. The vehicle’s engine is diesel, with water cooling system, as for the transmission, it is a 6-speed automatic +1.

This armored vehicle is available in a variety of configurations, and is designed with eight wheels to achieve its objectives in various terrains, and accommodates a crew of 11 on the front lines, and is characterized by its high mobility capabilities on land terrain at a speed of more than 100 km / h with a driving range of 700 km, with its ability to easily climb slopes by 60%, and sideways slope of 30%.

The Rabdan vehicle is also characterized by its ability to move in the water at a speed of 9 km / h, as it is propelled through two jets installed under the hull.

The weight of the combat vehicle is about 30,000 kilograms, its length is 8 meters, and its width is about 3.25 meters, as for its height, it reaches 3.35 meters above the structure.

The minimum distance between the vehicle and the surface of the earth is about 0.4 meters, and it can pass vertical obstacles by about 0.7 meters, and pass trenches by 2 meters.

Technical support

Al Jasoor Company supports Rabdan 8 × 8 armored combat vehicles with an integrated package of integrated military services that includes specialized technical support for customers on site, repair and renewal operations, protective and corrective maintenance, providing customers with spare parts, operational and technical training on vehicles for a period of 20 years, with the potential to customize and modify vehicles locally.

Al Jasoor expects that the demand for Rabdan 8 × 8 armored vehicles will grow in emerging markets across Asia and the Middle East due to the great acceleration of defence modernization programs worldwide now, and the trend towards replacing old vehicle fleets with advanced versions.

Ikram Ben dalla (Researcher in Military Affairs)

Al Jundi

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