Kasser: Emirati armored vehicles with unique specifications and amazing capabilities

The United Arab Emirates is proceeding with confident steps and insightful visions towards strengthening the capabilities of its armed forces and providing them with the best military equipment and techniques. This is to protect its gains and maintain its military supremacy, which dazzled the world in a short time in the life of this young country, which undoubtedly spares no effort to go ahead in the path of development and progress,  and ascend the heights of excellence and leadership.
Nearly a century after its foundation, the UAE has achieved unique achievements in various fields, and has become a difficult figure in the equation of achieving the impossible and occupying advanced international position.
The military industries sector was one of the most prominent fields the state has excelled in, over the past years. The UAE has adopted a unique strategy for the localization of defense industries, and has proven its success and ability to implement this strategy, breaking with confidence and power into a sector that for a long time was the limited to great powers .
Developed Emirati defense industries
A few months ago, the UAE , dazzled the world by the international Maritime Defense and Naval Defense exhibitions; “IDEX”, and “Navdquis” 2021, where its defensive national companies, especially “M 4 Industries” company displayed Emirati products and industries that rival the most significant Western military industries in their capabilities, so that it preserved a prominent international position on the highly competitive military industrialization map .
The M 4 Industries, based in the capital, Abu Dhabi, is considered one of the leading defense companies in the UAE, and a strategic major supplier of advanced defense and security equipment.
In order to expand its position as a prominent shareholder in the continuous development of the local industrial and defense capabilities in the UAE, M 4 Industries seeks to provide a unique opportunity to facilitate the development of defense capabilities and to transfer military technology and knowledge, allowing it to host a wide range of activities related to the military sector.
Armored vehicles (KASSER I & II)
Defensive leadership requires integrated and cost-effective, technical consultation and performance engineering solutions, so M4 Industries provides armored anti-mine vehicles bearing the name (KASSER I)  and (KASSER II). There are no essential differences between them .
The length of “Kasser I” is about 6.61 meter, its width is about 2.42 meters, and its height is about 2.6 meters. The height of the vehicle’s body from the ground level is estimated at 47 cm .
As for “Kasser II”, the length is about 6.74 meters, the width is about 2.5 meters, with a height up to about 2.76 with an estimated height of the body from the ground level up to 56 cm.
Armored vehicles that have been successful in all performance tests, were made in the UAE to meet the needs of customers, by depending on a unique combination of operational and technical and strategic inputs, allowing it to operate in the extremist operational conditions and providing high-performance in using its technology .
Design, Performance and Features
KASSER armored vehicle design, which are referred to as MRAP vehicles, operates efficiently and meets the needs of various tasks professionally. Its combat and defensive capabilities are high and suit different types of military operations ranging from conventional warfare, peacekeeping and counter-insurgency operations, or any other users and customers requirements. This vehicle provides integrated operational and cost-effective solutions, compared to other vehicles.
KASSER accommodates a Crew of up to 11 individuals a including the driver, which depends on the combat variant chosen by the user, as the vehicle can accommodate a crew consists  of: (a driver and a commander and a gunner, in addition to 6 soldiers).
To make it suitable for all kinds of operations, as they are SUV armored vehicles, equipped with an independent shock absorbing system, and a central tire inflation system( CTIS). It also has Runflat Insert system (RFI( , which in turn enhances the level of performance of vehicle and the dynamics of its movement. The horizontal distance separating the centers of the rear and front tires is about 3.24 meters in Kasser I and about 3.92 meters in.
These unique armored vehicles also rely on Michelin tires in Kasser I and use tires sized )365/80 R20 with RFIs). Kasser II use Michelin tires of the class (14.00 R20 with RFIs).
The maximum speed of Kasser I and II vehicles is about 110 km per hour, and Kasser I can travel up to 800 km at a speed of 80 km per hour, while the driving range of Kasser II can travel up to 550 km at a speed of 80 km per hour.
The total mass of the Kasser I vehicle is about 11.450 kg, while weighing up without a load to about 9600 kg ,while the total mass of Kasser II is about 17260 kg, and a weight of 14,760 kg without a load.
The armored vehicles were fitted with a “Cummins” engine. In Kasser I, there is a 5.9 Tc / Euro iii engine, of a capacity up to 171 kW, about 230 horsepower torque up to 800 nm. The engine in  Kasser II is “8.9 ISL/Euro III” and its capacity is about 298 kilowatts, or about 400 horsepower, with a torque of 1627 Nm .
Protection and Armament
Belonging to the category of armor, the chassis of Kasser vehicles is manufactured in the form of (a V letter). It was provided with superior global protection systems (STANAG 4569) which protects the vehicle against mines and covers all sides of its body, as well as its base and tires. The manufacturer took into account in the design of the vehicle all customers requirements regarding the level of protection, and provided them with a high level of shielding (Add on Armor).
The Kasser armored vehicle is distinguished by the fact that the user can deal with it as an armored troop transport vehicle or a combat vehicle, as its overall design allows users to provide it with different types of weapons, missiles and remote firing platforms (7.62 mm, 12.7 mm, and 14.5 mm, 40 mm), lightweight mortars and automatic grenade launchers, or a lightweight reloadable 30 mm automatic cannon .
Given the multiple scenarios and requirements for work, movement and operation, Kasser armored vehicles provide advanced technologies and systems that allow soldiers to fire while running on various terrains and in the most severe disturbances caused by weather conditions, day or night.
One of the unique features of these armored vehicle is that the user can deal with it as an advanced military ambulance in combat operations battlefield.
By: Ikram Ben dalah – Researcher in military affairs
Al Jundi

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