Ground master 400 high-performance 3D air surveillance radar

Enormous technological developments in the defense sector have made a qualitative leap in the use of mobile and fixed tactical military radars‭, ‬due to their critical importance in detecting threats and protecting the airspace of countries‭. ‬These technologies have become a prerequisite for the success of building and arming defense forces in any country‭.‬

Thales Group‭, ‬a global leader specialized in defense‭, ‬aerospace‭, ‬security‭, ‬space‭, ‬transportation and digital identity and security that designs and builds electronics systems‭, ‬is one of the most important international companies that manufacture advanced‭, ‬high-specification radars‭, ‬as it has extensive experience in this field‭, ‬and products that meet the various requirements of the‭ ‬military sector‭.‬

Radar GM400

Perhaps the most prominent radar manufactured by the company that was founded in December 2000‭ ‬is the Ground Master 400‭ (‬GM400‭) ‬radar‭. ‬It has gained wide fame in the military sector‭, ‬due to its high efficiency and speed in performance‭, ‬long-range 3D aerial‭ ‬surveillance‭, ‬and accurate targeting and analysis of targets with a refresh rate of 6‭ ‬seconds and a coverage field of up to 40‭ ‬degrees‭.‬

Al Jundi Journal during media day at Thales headquarters

Aljundi Journal had the opportunity to get acquainted with this famous radar closely‭, ‬as it visited the company’s headquarters in the French capital‭, ‬Paris‭, ‬and reviewed the advanced radar‭, ‬its specifications and most important features‭.‬

During the visit‭, ‬Yves Descourvières‭, ‬Head of management of Multi-Mission Surveillance Radars at Thales‭, ‬spoke to Al Jundi Journal about the most important features of the GM400‭ ‬radar‭, ‬stressing that it is the world’s most famous and best-selling radar for‭ ‬the French group for more than 10‭ ‬years because of its 3‭ ‬main factors‭: ‬performance‭, ‬reliability and portability‭.‬

De Corvier said that the GM400‭ ‬radar has proven its field ability in rapid detection of various threats at all high‭, ‬medium and‭ ‬low altitudes‭, ‬in addition to its unique ability to monitor jamming operations and slow‭, ‬small and highly maneuverable targets‭, ‬such as drones‭, ‬tactical ballistic missiles‭, ‬and various objects in the airspace‭. ‬He added that this radar‭, ‬which can be transported by a 130C aircraft or 20-foot containers weighing 10‭ ‬tons‭, ‬is equipped with artificial intelligence software and algorithms‭ ‬that make it continuously improve its performance to remain at the forefront of advanced radars around the world‭. ‬It is protected with advanced programs of electronic warfare against cyber-attacks‭, ‬as well as possessing exceptional capabilities that extend its operational life in various conditions and places‭, ‬including on the tanker truck‭.‬


The distinction between friendly and foe targets is critical in armed forces operations‭, ‬so the GM400‭ ‬radar provides rapid classification and appropriate time duration‭, ‬thanks to‭ (‬mode 5‭) ‬that enables command and control centers to make the appropriate decision to respond to the target and avoid friendly fire‭. ‬The radar also operates at the Band-S frequency‭, ‬which is one of the frequencies that are characterized by high accuracy in measuring the coordinates of targets‭.‬

The French radar‭, ‬of which more than 70‭ ‬units have been sold to about 15‭ ‬countries‭, ‬is available in mobile or fixed versions‭, ‬and can be delivered in a stand-alone configuration‭, ‬or by integrating it into any country’s national airspace control network‭.‬

The coverage range of this advanced radar is about 515‭ ‬km‭, ‬with an altitude ceiling of 100,000‭ ‬feet‭, ‬and it can be redeployed and operated anywhere easily within one hour‭. ‬It does not require major maintenance operations‭, ‬as the total time that may take in‭ ‬its maintenance annually does not exceed 30‭ ‬hours‭, ‬and the average time between possible failures in his system can reach more‭ ‬than 3000‭ ‬hours‭.

‮»‬‭ ‬By‭:‬Ikram‭ ‬Bandala‭    ‬‭(‬a‭ ‬military‭ ‬researcher‭)‬

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