«DeployNet».. The ideal communication system for military and security operations

Effective communication is the key element for the success of the command and control in various military operations as well as crises and disasters.

Thus, advanced communication and sensing systems are essential to achieving the objectives of various types of missions, especially the most complex ones, as they contribute to constructing a clear picture of the way operations are conducted and provide soldiers with accurate information that helps them make quick decisions, setting priorities, protecting lives, and completing tasks efficiently with minimal losses.

With the great and accelerating development of all systems and technologies, and the reliance on artificial intelligence in its core functions, the classic communication techniques are now useless and do not provide the desired benefit to their users when it comes to carrying out tasks and achieving goals, so today defense companies are working to develop and innovate the best communication systems in line with the great technological developments that have changed the ways the armed forces and security forces deal with various scenarios and operations.

Durable and advanced communication system

The global defence and security company Saab, is considered one of the most important companies working on the development of advanced communications systems that operate efficiently and with the ability to meet the requirements of armies and security forces.

At the beginning of this year, during the exhibitions of unmanned systems “UMEX 2022” and simulation and training “Simtex 2022” in Abu Dhabi, it launched a system called “DeployNet”, which is a robust, advanced, and mobile communications system to be used in military operations, crises, and conflicts, providing high-capacity bandwidth even in remote areas, which is an ability lacking in classic and traditional communication technology.

The innovative communications system from Saab has been very popular in the military and security sector, as its capabilities and features have attracted the interest of many customers around the world through the International Defense Exhibition in Saudi Arabia and the DSA exhibition in Malaysia.

Saab intends to showcase the capabilities of its new system in June at the Eurosatory exhibition in the French capital, Paris.

5G critical areas service

The highly adaptable DeployNet system, developed in the UAE via the 5G network, relies on LTE/5G technology for use in critical and difficult areas. It also provides a high-capacity bandwidth to suit modern operations that depend on multiple sources of information and sensors as well as user interaction.

The embedded system, backed by reliable cybersecurity, can be moved and relocated flexibly and quickly, activating high-capacity bandwidth in geographically remote areas, and reinforcing damaged or limited local networks.

The innovative, compact communications system that can be transported manually or by vehicle provides a deployable “bubble” of a high-speed and high-capacity 5G network that allows the communication of 6,500 users at the same time with an operating area of ​​up to typically 100 square kilometers per system via a 4K video stream, enabling users to speak and receive situational awareness using data from sensors in a secure, closed network over the Internet.

The system, which has multiple frequency bands, is designed for cost-effectiveness by reducing inefficiencies with other networks, interoperability with existing systems, and scalable technology.

One of the advantages of “DeployNet” is that it is completely durable by military environmental standards, can be air-shipped without special handling, easily deployed within minutes, and operated with minimal training by “non-professionals”.

Meeting all requirements

The “DeployNet” system enables the users to broadcast live video in high definition, real-time conversations, and fast data transfer. The system can also be modified in terms of the number of users and range, and its importance lies in its ability to achieve various tasks such as enhancing the security of military and security bases, search and rescue operations, reconnaissance, mission training, and crisis management.

This innovative solution includes manual devices, a power source, dedicated system management tools, and effective, compact, and durable communications equipment for easy mobility.

Anna-Karin Rosén, Managing Director and Head of Saab in UAE, said: “DeployNet will add significant value to both military and civilian organizations that require robust and fast-moving communications systems operating over the 5G LTE network, and we expect the new locally manufactured system to be popular not only in the UAE market but also in global markets, especially in areas that lack stable communication networks.”

System and network components

“DeployNet” consists of two main components: the core radio station, which works to route the network in accordance with 3GPP and holds radio network resources to cover a geographical area, and the expansion radio station, which in turn expands the geographical coverage area of ​​the network.

The components of the network system, include handsets, laptops, tablets, management tools, and active communications equipment to provide the core network, radio access network, mast unit, transport layer, user equipment, and power distribution.


«DeployNet» Communication system


Security and military bases and command posts

Search and Rescue


Peacekeeping Operations

Soldiers training

Crisis Management


Situational awareness



Easy to transport, ship, and deploy

Works through 5G networks with LTE/5G technology

High capacity bandwidth in remote areas

Electronically safe and Reliable

Scalable and cost-effective

Coverage range: Typical 100 km² per system

Number of users: Up to 6500 active users

By: Ikram Bend alla (A military researcher)

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