Away from Acoustic Phenomena

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The regional political and social landscape has changed dramatically and particularly after the so called the Arab Spring and the increasing media and ideological tampering, which used all the methods for defamation under the name of religion and the political and fateful political issues and customs and counted on them. Today we witness one of them on exploiting the Palestinian cause after the recent developments and the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip, destruction of homes and killing the innocents, which reflected the interest of Israel to give greater popularity to Hamas, particularly after postponement of the Palestinian elections. Additionally, Israel want to expand the time of the Palestinian cause to get more settlements. It becomes apparent that Netanyahu exploited the movement according to the militants and to solve his internal disputes. Let’s leave all that aside, and go back to the history of the United Arab Emirates and its strong position towards the Palestinian cause which is considered central and key for UAE. Based on its humanitarian, Arabic and Islamic position, which it always discusses in all international forums and events, and is considered one of the top political and economic supporters for the Palestinian cause despite all the media intimidation, since it believes in a policy that is characterized by realty, and hence it opened relation with Israel and succeeded in freezing settlement in many areas, as is the case with Egypt, which played a major role in stopping the war as a result of its relation with Israel as well as Jordan.

Since the outbreak of the recent conflict, the UAE has hosted the emergency parliamentary conference and has strongly condemned all forms of violence and hatred that are against the human values and principles.

UAE has underscored the importance of ending the attacks and practices that lead to the continuing the state of tension in the Holy City, calling for an end to any practices that violate the holiness of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

UAE has played a key role in pressure on Israel and the United States of America without fake slogans and loud sermons. Regardless of the bids centered for them on a limited group that favor Israel for reasons that could be a large part of it was their surprise with what is going in the Palestinian-Palestinian dispute, and the financial side by the Authority and count on it, such categories are available in every society including in Palestine.

I may remember that the United Arab Emirates ranked fourth among the top financially supporting countries to the State of Palestine since the founding of the Palestinian Authority in 1994. We refer to all the declarations and statements of the country leaders who affirm the importance of the Palestinian Cause for us and standing on its principles as agreed by the Arab League, please stop political bargaining.

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken spoke with UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, for the UAE’s support for the ceasefire between Israel, Hamas, and other parties in Gaza.  I to discuss the importance of reconstruction efforts in Gaza.

Al Jundi

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