X-65: Revolutionary Drone with Extraordinary Speed

The US Department of Defense is on the path to bolstering its military capabilities with a cutting-edge drone known as the X-65.

This innovative aircraft is designed to manoeuvre without relying on traditional flight control surfaces, marking a significant advancement in military technology.

Developed by Aurora Flight Sciences, a subsidiary of Boeing, the X-65 promises to redefine aerial capabilities.

Scheduled for its debut in early 2025, the first model of this drone is anticipated to weigh over 3,000 kilograms, with a wingspan exceeding 9 meters.

What sets the X-65 apart is its unique method of flight control. Unlike conventional aircraft that rely on flight control surfaces, this drone utilizes compressed air controlled by flow control valves to achieve flight and execute manoeuvres seamlessly.

The X-65 is poised to revolutionize aerial operations with its unmatched speed and agility. With a top speed reaching 750 kilometres per hour, it promises to be a game-changer in military reconnaissance and tactical missions.

Al Jundi

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