US space breakthrough the first drone to launch a satellite

The American company “Aevum” specialized in the space industry, said that it had developed the first “drone” capable of launching satellites.

The company stated that the “drone”, which is about 26.8 meters long, was called “Raven X”, and it is completely autonomous. One of the advantages of this advanced plane is that it can take off and land on a runway that is about one and a half kilometers long, meaning that it does not require a complex infrastructure to accomplish the required flight.

The plane takes off from a small runway, and when it reaches a high altitude, it gets rid of the missile until it takes the charge towards the desired destination in low Earth orbit.

After completing this mission, the drone quickly returns to Earth and leaves itself in the designated space.

This technology allows sending satellites to space without a pilot, a launch pad, or a large missile, and this means greatly reducing the cost.

Al Jundi

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