US Navy gets advanced warship

Ship manufacturer Austal USA has recently delivered the Santa Barbara LCS-32 ship to the US Navy, which has a distinctive hull design that helps it move at high speeds.

Each LCS ship is about 127.4 m long, and 31.6 m wide, with a water displacement rate of 2787 tons.

The ship can sail at a speed of 47 knots, and a range of 4300 miles on each mission, which makes it reliable for support operations of destroying naval mines, as well as a combat ship capable of dealing with hostile naval targets in the seas and near coastal areas.

The advanced warship is armed with 57 mm guns, 12.7 mm machine guns, anti-missile systems for sea, air, and ground targets, as well as the ability to transport two MH-60R/S helicopters and MQ-8 drones.

Al Jundi

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