US Military Prepares to Counter Drones Threat

The US military is gearing up to equip its forces with portable anti-drone devices and backpack-sized jamming equipment.

A spokesperson for the US Army confirmed that the proposed budget for 2025 includes $13.5 million for portable anti-drone devices and $54.2 million for backpack-sized jamming equipment.

Using this allocated budget, the US Army will procure 20 units of Modi, 10 Smart Shooter devices, 10 Bal Chatri systems, and 20 Dronebusters.

Modi and Dronebuster are classified as jamming systems, while Bal Chatri detects signals from drones in the sky. Smart Shooter, on the other hand, is a rifle-mounted scope that calculates the target’s location to swiftly neutralize fast-moving drones.

This investment reflects the US military’s commitment to enhancing its counter-drone capabilities in response to evolving threats.

Al Jundi

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