Ukrainian design bureau LUCH develops a new weapon system

The Kiev State Design Office (LUCH) took the opportunity at the exhibition of arms and security that took place in Kiev from 15-18 June, to unveil a new multi-mission weapon system, called the Amulet.

The leading Ukrainian defense company has announced the development of a new weapon system as a multi-role launcher for the 130 or 152 mm Guided Missiles, a modular launcher with two missiles on a stable rotating platform for integrating the weapon system with a wide range of combat vehicles.

Amulet System

As noted by the company, the Amulet system is equipped with a thermal imager in order to be used effectively day and night and in all weather conditions, the amulet is designed to counter heavy and light armored targets from a distance of 100 to 6000 meters, according to the company statement.


Al Jundi

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