UAE Space Agencylaunches Arab Space Cooperation Group Logo Design Contest

The UAE Space Agency has launched a contest to design the logo of the Arab Space Cooperation Group.
The contest is open to participants coming from all Arab countries, and comes as a part of the UAE Space Agency’s initiatives held in line with the UAE Innovation Month, which reflects its commitment to promoting a culture of innovation, a key pillar for sustainable development.
The Arab Space Cooperation Group aims to provide a platform that brings Arab countries together to accelerate joint space-related activities. This contest follows this cooperative approach, as it offers talented Arabs an opportunity to share creative designs that reflect their understanding of the Group’s vision.
The Arab Space Cooperation Group is an initiative launched by the UAE, and is currently chaired by the UAE Space Agency. The Group aims to provide an ecosystem to develop regional skills and competencies to work on advanced projects, and sponsor initiatives and programs to prepare the next generation of space sector leaders in the region.
The launch of the Group coincides with the Agency’s vision to enhance the Arab countries’ scientific efforts in the global space sector through consolidating the existing capabilities of Arab countries.

Al Jundi

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