U.S. Navy gets new amphibious transport dock ship

The U.S. Navy recently received a new San Antonio class-amphibious transport dock ship (LPD), under development since 2017.

The ship’s testing began in 2020, successfully conducted a series of at-sea and pier-side trials to demonstrate its operational readiness in 2021.

It is scheduled for delivery to the U.S. Navy by the end of this year 2022.

The ship is 208.5 m long, 32 meters wide, with a water displacement rate of 25,300 tons.

The LPD can reach speeds of 23 naval knots and transport 360 soldiers with full military equipment.

Armed with anti-air missiles and 30 and 12.7 mm machine guns, the modified edition of the LPD called Flight II ships will be capable of transporting 700 troops, 14 armored and military vehicles, as well as helicopters.

Al Jundi

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