The Russian Ministry of Defence received the first batch of « S-350E Vityaz » missiles

The‭ ‬“Almaz-Ante”‭, ‬manufactures of missiles and precision devices‭, ‬handed over to the Russian Ministry of Defence the first batch of‭ ‬“S-350E Vityaz”‭ ‬missiles
A source in the company’s press office said‭: ‬“Our organization has delivered the Russian army‭, ‬the first group of air Defence batteries‭, ‬the S-350E Vityaz‭.‬”
The S-350E Vityaz missiles‭, ‬a medium-range missile Defence system‭, ‬are designed to combat various air targets and ballistic missiles and will gradually replace the S-300‭ ‬and Buk-M systems‭.‬
The new system is smaller than the S-400‭ ‬system and cheaper than it‭. ‬It has all the capabilities of the S-300‭ ‬system and can fight a close battle without securing additional coverage with the Panzer or Tor missiles‭. ‬

Al Jundi

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