The Russian army receives an unmanned helicopter

Russian engineers have designed a multi-role drone helicopter‭.‬

The project of the unmanned helicopter‭ “‬Gratch‭” (‬Raven‭) ‬won a competition held by the Russian‭ “‬Avastroitel Goda‭” ‬company‭. ‬A spokesman for the company said that the Russian army will receive the‭ “‬Gratch‭” ‬unmanned helicopter after the end of its tests‭.‬

The new drone was designed on a classic basis as it was provided with main and auxiliary propellers‭. ‬The helicopter is powered by a petrol engine‭.‬

The specifications of the drone allow it to be used as a reconnaissance or transport helicopter capable of transporting payloads‭ ‬of up to 40‭ ‬kilograms to a distance of 400‭ ‬kilometers‭. ‬The weight of the helicopter itself was 100‭ ‬kilograms‭.‬

The unmanned helicopter was designed and manufactured at the‭ “‬Arzamas‭” ‬instrumentation plant‭. ‬The Moscow Aviation Institute‭, ‬the‭ ‬Zhukovsky Air Force Academy in Voronezh and the Arzamas design bureau also contributed to the project‭. ‬

Al Jundi

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