The Russian Air Force receives upgraded strategic bomber

The PJSC United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has announced that the Russian Air Force recently received an upgraded Tu-22M3 class strategic bomber, which can carry long-range missiles.

The Tu-22M3 aircraft has been upgraded, modernized and passed all the required tests.

This aircraft is one of the main strategic bombers adopted by the Russian Air Force since the 1990s.

The Tu-22M3 is characterized by the design of its wings, which adjust according to the speed and the needs of the manoeuvres, in addition, its weapons are capable of dealing with various types of land and sea targets at a distance of more than 2,200 metres.

The upgraded versions of this bomber will get new electronics, navigation, guidance and radar systems, and will be able to carry Kh-32 missiles as well as Russian hypersonic missiles.

Al Jundi

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