The Pentagon successfully tests a drone carrier

The United States has succeeded in testing the technology of the future, after the American S-130A military transport aircraft carried a few X-61A Gremlin test drones on board.

Then it launched one of them then retrieved it. This technology will ensure, according to the “Pentagon”, air superiority over any enemy.

It is known that the majority of drones have a short working range, with the exception of the American RQ-4 Global Hawk drone, which can fly to a range of about 1,000 km. Therefore, the drone command center is usually deployed close to the area of ​​combat operations. In the event that this command center is destroyed, the drones under its control will lose all their capabilities.

The Pentagon has been trying to solve this problem since 2014. This is by accomplishing the Gremlins project, which launches cheap medium-sized drones equipped with a semi-autonomous piloting system. The project requires that the drones, deployed on board of the mother plane, return to the mother plane after carrying out their combat mission.

Al Jundi

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