The Netherlands equips the navy with new missiles

The Dutch Navy has chosen the Naval Strike Missile (NSM) manufactured by the Norwegian company Kongsberg to replace the old Harpoon missiles currently in use.

The Dutch navy is scheduled to equip 4 frigates with the NSM missiles by 2025, furthermore, warships are expected to receive Gabriel V missiles produced by the Israeli company Gabriel V, and RBS-15 missiles developed by the Swedish company Saab.

The NSM missiles can deal with various types of naval and ground targets at distances of up to 185 km.

These missiles can fly at low altitudes, and they are manufactured from special materials that help them evade detection by hostile radars.

Each NSM missile is 3.96 m long, weighs 407 kg, and can fly at speeds ranging from 858 to 1103 km/h.

Al Jundi

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