The Israeli company Plasan unveils its new light armored vehicle

The Israeli Plasan company unveiled its new StormRider 4×4 light armored vehicle, which can accommodate up to 10 military personnel and is fully protected against ballistic threats, improvised explosive devices and mines.

StormRider was designed from the start for blast protection using a combination of Plasan technologies.

A single handle operates all the combat locks and vehicle latch on each of the five doors. Entry and exit is quick and easy for all 10 occupants and with multiple firing ports,

The robust front bumper features a built-in winch, along with CTIS’s wide-track independent military suspension, permanent all-wheel drive.

With a gross weight of 11.5 tons, the new StormRider has the space, protection, mobility and payload to take an entire team of 10 to wherever they need it.

Al Jundi

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