The Ethiopian army to acquire helicopters and transport aircraft from Airbus

The Ethiopian Air Force (EAF) has validated European aircraft manufacturer Airbus’s technical offer for the sale of 18 military helicopters and two cargo aircraft to Addis Ababa.

This came in an effort by Ethiopia to enhance its military capabilities, especially its air force, which prompted it to submit a request to France that includes a large arms package. Ethiopia has expressed an interest in acquiring 18 helicopters and two C295 transport aircraft from Airbus.

The Ethiopian sources pointed to potential areas for cooperation in building the capabilities of the Air Force, represented by the purchase of six 12-ton transport helicopters such as the H225, the purchase of six multi-role helicopters H125M and H145M, and the purchase of two multi-role aircraft. Transport aircraft such as the C295. The sources also indicated the purchase of six Tiger HAD attack helicopters, twelve combat aircraft (such as the Mirage 2000 / N / D or Rafale), the purchase of six unmanned aerial vehicles (Dassault nEUROns), thirty medium-range ICBMs, and devices, Electronic jamming, electronic countermeasures devices and other related systems.

Al Jundi

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