Thales to provide Royal Navy with the most advanced mission systems

Thales‭, ‬as part of Babcock Team 31‭, ‬has been selected to deliver the digital heart of the UK’s next generation frigates‭. ‬Thales will be the mission systems integrator for the Type 31‭ ‬programme‭, ‬delivering the combat system‭, ‬communications systems and the navigation and bridge system‭. ‬The T31‭ ‬general purpose frigate programme will provide the UK Government with a fleet of five ships‭, ‬at an average production cost of‭ ‬£250‭ ‬million per ship‭.‬
Following a comprehensive competitive process‭, ‬T31‭, ‬a capable‭, ‬adaptable and technology-enabled global frigate will be the UK Royal Navy’s newest class of warships‭, ‬with the first ship scheduled in the water in 2023‭.‬

Al Jundi

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